My Books

It is the author’s intention to write fiction stories that not only entertain but also educate.

  • Terror Beneath The Bayou
  • Saving Moses
  • Lady Alone
  • Betwixt And Between

Lady Alone

Lady Alone is a ‘must have’ addition to any adventure library, a tribute to those souls who have overcome fear and persevered through deteriorating calamities far beyond their limits.

Joan Mackland, a twenty-three year old Kiwi with no previous sailing experience, makes a bold statement of independence by accepting a position as sole crew on a forty-foot sloop named, Atmosphere, captained by Wayne Yao and bound from Guam to Hong Kong.

On the high seas, life on board Atmosphere quickly becomes routine but when a nighttime storm in the middle of the Western Pacific Ocean incapacitates Joan with mal del mar the unimaginable swings down from the yardarm. The captain is lost overboard in the storm, throwing Joan headlong into a week of search and survival made more untenable by rookie mistakes that all but doom her and the boat. Near death and out of options, Joan is shipwrecked on a deserted island where a local fisherman finds her but rescue does not always equate to salvation. With the sailboat’s captain missing and contraband discovered on board by authorities, Joan’s freedom lies with a man she has never met.

Saving Moses

A touching story of an aging man, Milton Marshal, who returns to the South Florida town of his youth in search of redemption for a long ago tragedy. In the summer of 1961, Milton and three friends, pre-teens and inseparable all, set out to capture a one-eyed alligator they find in a canal and name, Moses. The foursome consists of timid Milton, adventurous Davy, de facto leader Mark, and insecure Floyd.

As the boys’ plans to catch the big gator come together, they cross paths with Brad and Randy, two local hoods looking to make a fast buck. Mutual suspicion of what each group is up to at the canal turns to confrontation when the trouble-makers show up bent on poaching the reptile for its hide, leading to an unexpected tragedy that leaves Milton with a life-long struggle with guilt. Does Milton have the inner strength to face his demons and will he find deliverance from his torment?

Terror Beneath The Bayou

Union town is under attack. The first liquified human body turns up in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the backwater Louisiana town. When Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Hebert and his rookie partner, Gerald Wilson, respond to the crime scene, they become trapped inside the factory by thousands of fierce, bug-like creatures nesting within the structure.

To free his two deputies, Sheriff Arthur Maxwell not only must fight the bugs but must also deal with the town’s power-hungry mayor who holds a vendetta against the lawman and will stop at nothing to destroy him. Realizing the problem in the factory is beyond his experience, the sheriff brings in Dr. Jennifer Reynolds, a leading entomologist, and her mentor, Dr. Irving Potter.

Following a trail of liquified bodies across town, the team uncovers three crucial facts; the “bugs” are not of earth, the abandoned factory is not the main part of the nest and the creatures are preparing to swarm. Can Sheriff Maxwell and his team of law enforcement and bug experts save his deputies and eliminate the danger before the terror spreads?

Betwixt And Between

BETWIXT AND BETWEEN is a cryptic mystery that lies somewhere between reality and imagination. The story is about an international spy, as suave and cunning as Ian Fleming’s, James Bond, who awakens in NYC with total memory loss. He doesn’t even remember his own name. Driven by a need to understand who he is and overwhelmed by a desire to find a woman he loves but cannot remember, he sets out on a desperate search for the one person who has the answers he seeks.

Clues are slow in coming but as each tidbit of knowledge advances our hero closer to his goals, he is faced with a growing threat. Two rival mob bosses as well as corrupt cops in New York City’s police department want what our hero has learned about the whereabouts of the person he seeks and they will stop at nothing to get it. The story is crowned with an epic shootout and revelations that change all of their lives.