Lady Alone

A lady. A boat. Alone

Saving Moses

Based on actual events

Terror Beneath The Bayou

A frightening tale that will have you checking under your bed.

Betwixt And Between

BETWIXT AND BETWEEN is a cryptic mystery that lies somewhere between reality and imagination.

About the author.

The author spent his formative years watching monster movies on the big screen; “The Blob”, “The Spider”, “Them”, “The Monster That Challenged The World”, some of the scariest movies ever made. At least they were the scariest to an impressionable kid back in the 50’s and 60’s.

As an adult, the author worked for an international food company and lived and worked in Singapore, Venezuela, Australia, Ecuador and China. He now lives and writes in Bangkok, Thailand with time off to sail his 36 foot sailboat. The author has written four novels, including his first published book, “Terror Beneath The Bayou”, as well as four screenplays. He is currently preparing to publish his next novel, “Betwixt And Between”.

It is the author’s intention to write fiction stories that not only entertain but also educate. As such, he hopes you enjoy his stories while learning something new about human nature and the world around us.

Steven A. Twitty